Lomo - Action Sampler - 4 lens 35mm Film Camera With NEW Film .

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 by whingatewarrior posted on Nov 25, 2020 12:54

lomo action sampler 4 lens 35mm film camera with new film
Had camera from new. It has been stored in a box for 20 odd years. There is rust to the metal clasp on the strap New sealed film included ... cannot ensure that this will work after the time stored....
Onsale for € 11.66 and shipping from Leeds...read more on eBay...

 by mirylees55 posted on Nov 26, 2020 16:35

vintage agilux agimatic 35mm lomo rangefinder camera case hood gwo
An unusual and rare Agilux Agimatic 35mm rangefinder camera in good working order. In original leather ER case.Not sure how rangefinder works so sold as not working.Please note Photos form part of description. Listing lots of photographic items over the next few weeks, so keep looking! We regret that due to problems with the postal system we are unable to send any goods to Italy OVERSEAS BIDDERS ARE RECOMMENDED TO ASK FOR A QUOTE FOR POSTAGE AS A LOT OF MY ITEMS ARE HEAVY AND OVERSEAS CARRIAGE IS GETTING VERY EXPENSIVE! WE DO ALWAYS OBTAIN PROOF OF POSTAGE TO ASSIST IF ITEM GOES MISSING. We ask for payment or contact within 5 days. Any item still unpaid after 7 days will be automatically reported as a non paid item, we are sorry to have to take this action b...
Onsale for € 11.09 and shipping from wellington, Somerset...read more on eBay...

 by grupoarba posted on Jul 06, 2019 11:10

ca a de lomo ib rico bellota benito
Media pieza de caña de lomo ibérica de bellota de la prestigiosa marca Benito de la zona del Arahal en Sevilla. Los cerdos de la marca Benito son criados al aire libre en sus fincas de Jabugo y zona sur de Extremadura. El secado posterior tanto de las cañas de lomo, como de sus esquisto jamones y embutidos se lleva a cabo en secaderos propios adquiridos recientemente en Jabugo, Huelva. La tradición familiar y la calidad de sus productos han convertido a Benito en un referente nacional. La caña de lomo de bellota es sin duda uno de sus baluartes.Peso: 700gr aprox...
Onsale for € 36.00 and shipping from Barcelona...read more on eBay...

 by marcelinoibericos posted on Nov 16, 2020 12:22

lomo iberico 100 bellota marcelino sabor exquisito elaborado artesanalmente
El Lomo de bellota 100% Ibérico procede de cerdos 100% raza ibérica y es una pieza elaborada con lomo de cerdo ibérico seleccionado. Se caracteriza por su color rojo, su consistencia firme, un olor característico y aroma intenso. ¡Déjate seducir por su intensidad de sabor y su alta calidad!...
Onsale for € 25.00 and shipping from corrales del vino...read more on eBay...

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