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 by fotoventas posted on Nov 16, 2020 17:01

voigtlander brillant bakelita 120 film tlr camera medio formato voigtl nder
Onsale for € 75.00 and shipping from Vigo...read more on eBay...

 by wellerleather posted on Nov 22, 2020 16:07

tlr leather camera neck shoulder strap rolleicord rolleiflex yashica mat
Classic vintage style Brown leather shoulder strap for TLR cameras and other makes of camera with the split lug fittingThis strap is basically the same size strap that would have come with cameras during the 1950's - 60s with just a slight modification on how the strap closes. Instead of the old double mushroom head studs I use fixing posts.This is a lightweight thin strap measuring just 1.5mm thick again very much the same has the old straps use to be.Though thin this is a very strong strap made from the shoulder part of the hide. Note the last picture, this is one of my straps holding my camera bag which weights just over 6.5KGSo you can see these straps are more than capable of holding any type of camera big or small Completely made by hand, dyed and cutt...
Onsale for € 38.87 and shipping from Rochester, Kent...read more on eBay...

 by reliablerob54 posted on Nov 28, 2020 16:06

vintage japanese crystar tlr camera c master 80mm 1 3 5 lens leather case1950s
Vintage Japanes Crystar CameraLovely looking camera from Japanese maker Crystar. I think it dates back to the 1950s.Cosmetically it's in very nice shape, and a lot better than other examples I've seen for sale.Everything turns freely, and the shutter works. I have no idea if you could actually take photos with it as it is. I'd say you'd have to have it serviced by someone who know what they are doing first.The lens is a C-Master Anastigmat 80mm 1:3.5. When you turn either lens (usually the bottom one) it turns the other one too.It comes with the original leather case, which needs re sowing on one edge - other edges have already been resown by previous owners.When I post it, it will be excellently wrapped. Please also see my other items. Item is from a pet, a...
Onsale for € 23.32 and shipping from Portsmouth...read more on eBay...

 by stefankauftein posted on Nov 29, 2020 19:07

seagull 4b i tlr mittelformat kamera
Eine Mittelformatkamera von Seagull, Shanghai, Typ 4B-I TLR, komplett mit Lederschutzhülle.Die Kamera habe ich etwa 1997 in Shanghai neu erworben und seitdem unbenutzt im meiner Vitrine stehen. Über die Funktion kann ich nichts sagen, alle Hebel und Drehknöpfe lassen sich bedienen. Lieferumfang ist die Kamera mit Lederhülle. Privatverkauf ohne Garantie, Gewährleistung und ohne Rücknahme. Beschreibung nach bestem Wissen. Käufer trägt Versandkosten. Viele Spaß beim Bieten!...
Onsale for € 25.50 and shipping from Höchstadt...read more on eBay...

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zeiss ikon ikoflex ii tlr tessar 3 5 75mm
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex Ii Tlr // Tessar 3.5 75mm
€ 90.00 ends on Thursday 17th 20:09 zeiss ikon ikoflex ii tlr tessar 3 5 75mm
c mara voigtlander brillant tlr medio formato
Cámara Voigtlander Brillant Tlr Medio Formato
€ 45.00 ends on Friday 4th 08:12 c mara voigtlander brillant tlr medio formato
meopta flexaret iia camara vintage tlr 6x6
Meopta Flexaret Iia Camara Vintage Tlr 6x6
€ 96.00 ends on Sunday 13th 14:51 meopta flexaret iia camara vintage tlr 6x6
mamiya c22 mamiya sekor 105mm f 3 5 tlr 6x6
Mamiya C22 + Mamiya-sekor 105mm F/3,5 Tlr 6x6
€ 235.00 ends on Tuesday 29th 13:44 mamiya c22 mamiya sekor 105mm f 3 5 tlr 6x6

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